English for kids in Bilbao

English for kids

European Institute offers variety of English courses designed for children between 2 and 17 years by providing them a continuous support until they reach a high level of expression and understanding in English.

We have a specific content for them according to their age group:


2 to 5 years

The best age for a correct pronunciation.

This English course for children will help the imagination of babies of 2 and 3 years old, fostering their natural curiosity. The main objective is to input natural English from their first contact with the language in a relaxed, entertaining and dynamic way through various activities, movement, crafts, songs, stories and games almost without

realizing it. This stage is key to acquiring a second language for kids.

Recommend this English for Children Course to your family or freinds and get 4 private (1 to 1 classes) SPECIALLY DESIGNED for you.


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English for babies

From 2 to 3 years

They will be able to greet in English and answer basic questions such as their age, name, etc. and they will familiarize the vocabulary of everything that surrounds them and they will develop a positive attitude towards learning English.

3 to 5 years

We work on the motivation of children. It is essential to nurture the illusion to advance in the use of English. We use resources and activities in which entertainment, games and fun play an important role. This group will begin making easy constructions and useful phrases on everyday topics. With this group we begin to help them with their school year so that they feel comfortable in the English course at school.

Recommend this English for Babies Course to your family or freinds and get 4 private (1 to 1 classes) SPECIALLY DESIGNED for you.


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English for children

From 6 to 8 years

They begin to know English grammar. The level of vocabulary begins to be considerable. We open the course objectives to new situations in daily life in which all the acquired resources can be put into practice.

9 to 11 years

We continue to delve into techniques that combine motivation plus enthusiasm. Now it is time to get closer to the main grammatical pillars of English. We help them gain confidence and fluency when it comes to expressing in English.

Recommend this English for Children Course to your family or freinds and get 4 private (1 to 1 classes) SPECIALLY DESIGNED for you.


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English for Tweens and Teens

TWEENS AND TEENS 12 to 17 years

Its time to talk in English in different situations. Perfect time to get the most out of the constant work we have been doing. English comes naturally and continues to grow. By this stage our students have a solid base to face the official.

Exam Preparation courses

More vocabulary and more conversation in a more natural way and with less effort than anyone!

Recommend this English for Tweens and Teens Course to your family or freinds and get 4 private (1 to 1 classes) SPECIALLY DESIGNED for you.


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Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses in English for young learners, kids and teens

The best way to prepare them for their futures and no doubts English will give them the confidence that they need to communicate with the world. EU Institute offers fun, effective and up to date exam preparation courses taught by experienced and native teachers that may help your children feel secure.

European Institute prepares you for all the official exams:

Cambridge Exams: First certificate ( FCE) , Advanced ( CAE)

Oxford University tests: All levels from A1-C2

Trinity: All levels

Ages: 12 – 18 years old

Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Mode: Face-to-face or Online

Nº. of students: 4 to 12 students per group

Exams: Cambridge, Oxford University, Trinity

Follow-up: Online Tutorials and personalized


•Motivate students

• Improve their language skills

• Linguistic and cultural immersion

• In-depth knowledge of English language

• Preparation for obtaining the official qualification

• Obtain outstanding scores in the Cambridge English Exams

• Preparing them for the challenges they will face at university level.

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